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March Birthstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper
Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

This stone's name derived from the Latin aquamarina, meaning "sea water." In the middle ages Aquamarine was thought to provide insight as well as helping one to predict the future. It was believed that when an aquamarine was placed in the mouth it would allow one to call forth spirits to answer questions about life. When consecrated, this stone was believed to help the wearer overcome wickedness. Water that an aquamarine has soaked in was used to cure eye ailments, respiratory diseased and the hiccups. Powerful stuff!

Aquamarine is typically greenish blue to blue, and is of the mineral species beryl (which also includes green emerald and a pink variety named morganite). It is usually light in color, but it is often heated to reduce the greenish cast and make the blue shade more pronounced.

As an importer of jewelry from India, aquamarine is hard to come by. Over the years I have tried unsuccessfully to get good quality aquamarine. Most of the time the suppliers either cannot provide it or send blue topaz in its place!

Luckily, this month's alternate birthstone is jasper. You can find lots of jasper in our pendants by the gram and our rings by the gram (both of which are still just 54¢ per gram despite rising silver prices). When ordering, just put a note in the customer comments box at the end of the ordering process for your special request for jasper or any other stone for that matter.

(This article written by Mike McGinnis and published originally on indiasilver.com. We encourage republication but stipulate the piece be copied in its entirety with links and attribution.)

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