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Fall 2005 Trends
Opulence. That, in a word, describes the overall trend in clothing and jewelry this Fall. No t-shirts and jeans here. Put away the "basics," at least for a while. Bright colors are out, as are boring earthtones, skinny belts and plain hoops. Femininity is back in a big way.

The must have list for this season includes organic materials and rich, spicy color. Think shell, wood, coral, pearls. A quick trip through Lucky or InStyle turns up loads of funky Bohemian accessories. Big wood bangles and cuffs, shell with wood, and pearls worn in long chandelier designs all reflect this return to sumptuous decoration of the self. Chunky jewelry is especially hot. Try turquoise or amber, big faceted semiprecious stones and large pendants.

Long necklaces continue to be strong, especially in jewel tones like carnelian or amethyst. Feminine with a funky twist is a good description of what women want this fall. Big, beaded style necklaces make a dramatic statement. Eye catching crystals work well when they are done delicately and with discretion. Think gypsy hip.

Layered looks like double and tripled necklaces and bracelets are a continuing theme. Beads, charms and small details make the look. Brooches, and pendants that look like pins gain prominence.

Jewel and spice tones overrule earth tones. Fur, faux or not, is a major accent. Exotic locales like Russia serve as inspiration for rich tapestries, velvet and brocades. Funky and fun with a feminine feel is the attitude. Bohemian looks with soft shapes and relaxed lines are popular. Hobo bag shapes are a strong trend, especially with some embellishment that adds an extravagant touch. Gold, cinnamon, smoky green, and magenta purple are all colors that fit well in the palette for this season.

Look for strength in vintage or Victorian looks. Charms and pendants with cameo, satin or antique looks should do very well. Any accent that hearkens back to a more romantic time will fit nicely into the Fall feel. Old photos, postcards, promo material or stamps set in ladylike silver frames are a solid subtrend.

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(This article written by Mike McGinnis and published originally on indiasilver.com. We allow republication provided the piece is copied in its entirety with links and attribution.)

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