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Once in a Blue Moon Earrings

vintage sari

Rainbow Moonstone and Garnet always taste good together. This sweet pairing will add spice to any outfit and bring out the best in the wearer! Measures about 1.5" tall and .5" wide. Wholesale price: $6.25

November Update
Winter weather is settling in everywhere, even here in Hawaii. Inches and inches of rain this last week, but that's what makes it so green here. At least the temperature is still in the 70's...

Lots of new additions this month. We got new jewelry in from India, and new starlamps as well. Plus we've restocked just in time for the Holiday season, so there is a great selection on the site.

Our new website continues to be"almost ready" for prime time. I think we will have a soft opening in early December. Stay tuned!

I'm off to Thailand on November 6 for 11 days. I'll be looking to fill out our line for Holiday and restock some key items, including chain, charms, and shell jewelry. The US Dollar is particularly weak right now, and that coupled with silver prices in the $12 range will make it challenging to find the deals we are all accustomed to. I'm up to the task though.

If you have any requests, please email me and I will do my level best to meet your needs.

Check below to see a Holiday and Spring fashion forecast. It's always fun to look ahead at what to expect. Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and a very profitable "Black Friday."

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New Arrivals

cotton bed cover
Pearly Bubbles Bracelet
Large button pearls measure about .5" across. Button pearls are flat on the back and domed like a regular pearl on top. Finished with sterling silver wire bezels and an adjustable link chain. Made in India.
Wholesale price: $24.50
wholesale silver ring
Bali Style Calddagh Ring
Exotic twist on a traditional Irish Claddagh ring. Lots of attention to detail makes this piece a really noticeable addition to any collection. Made in India. Wholesale price: $11.00
Hilltribe Box Clasps
Hilltribe silver from Thailand is always popular. We've taken actual silver beads and made them into clasps that will add detail and charm to any custom jewelry piece. Four designs to choose from. Wholesale price: $8.00

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All our silver jewelry is guaranteed sterling (at least 92.5% silver), and whenever possible each piece is stamped to indicate this. All our stones are genuine.

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Defintion: The day after Thanksgiving in the US is often referred to as "Black Friday." Shopping venues are usually very busy on what is considered the first day of the Holiday shopping season.

Article: Holiday & Spring Preview

When we prepare for the Holiday buying season,  my perspective is always skewed by current trends.  Our company has never been "trendy"per se, but we always have some take on what retail customers are looking for.

With this in mind, there are some definite directions you may want to take into consideration for the upcoming season.

The organic and handmade look continues to be popular.  Wood, pearl, shell and other natural materials that appeal in both a color and textural sense will continue to be a strong.  Look for designs that are visually stimulating, with pattern and pizzazz. 

Graduated beads in wood or natural materials will be in demand.  Charm clusters mixed with natural stone or on simple chains that draw attention to the neckline are also in the forecast.  Multi-strand and layered necklaces and bracelets will continue their presence, as will long and very long single and multi strand necklaces. 

Look for mixed materials like wood with stone, pearl or shell.  Fabrics continue to play a role through Holiday.  Lace and velvet, especially in black, will appeal to a certain segment of the customer base as winter sets in.

Carved and laser cut designs, especially in shell or natural stone, play off the crafted look.  They add a vintage flavor, whether as a hand-scribed stone pendant or as intricate detail on shell.

Heart motifs abound in both jewelry and accessories.  Cute and cuddly or big and bold, look for love symbols to augment your sales!

One nice thing about the coming Holiday and Spring seasons is the diminished presence of the hobo shape.  For at least the past year, customers could not get enough of this funky bohemian look.  Apparently they have finally gotten their fill, as we see structure overtake the come-as-you-are look the Hobo has represented for several seasons.

For Holiday, lacy accents and gauzy detail are strong contenders.  Again, the idea of texture that wants to be touched drives this trend.

Frames, which have been making a comeback, take a new twist.  Look for leather over metal frames rather than the expected fabric covering.  Speaking of leather, patent leather will also come to the forefront of fashion heading into Spring.  Not your standard black, though this will be a component of the trend, but a cool palette of colors including off-whites, pale blues and red.

Red is the color to look for going into Spring.  Starting out as subtle shades of pink and rose in February, the color of love grows progressively more bold until it tastes of spices like ginger and cinnamon.

Details for bags include eyelets, belts with buckles, tie closures, lace detail and mixed textures.  The look is fun but with an eye toward touchability and mixed media.

Scarves & shawls find their foundation in crochet and lacey looks.  Lighter colors prevails, especially white and off-white.  Longer, oblong shapes will be popular, as well as thin stripes and lightweight fabrics that reflect the return to warmer Spring weather.

Holiday & Spring Trends:
Long necklaces
Crochet necklaces

Pearls & crystal
Charms & clusters of charms
Circle links
Etched and carved pieces
Shell, wood, coral, pearls

Velvet and brocades
Engravings or symbolic jewelry

Highlights of the Site
Everything added since last newsletter
New jewelry designs added
New Arrivals
section has all the latest and greatest.
New chains have been added.

We all wish you a happy Thanksgiving and the best of luck on the biggest selling weekend of the year.


Mike McGinnis
Whirled Planet
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