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July Special: 20% off orders over $200  

Semiannual Sale!
Once again, it is time for the sale of the season. Twice a year we offer our 20% discount on nearly everything on the site. The discount
applies to new products and even those already on sale. The only things not included in the sale are the pendants and rings by the gram at their lowest price level (40¢ per gram), and our bulk cords sold by the 100 pcs. Take advantage of the deals, as this sale happens only twice peryear. It will be going on all month.

We received some great new textiles since our last email. Click here for the up close and personal. These are all 20% off, even though they are new arrivals!

The silver price is still fluctuating between about $5.75 and $6 per oz...

We'll be closed on July 5th for the Independence Day holiday.

July Birthstone: Ruby
Ruby, a medium to dark red jewel, has been considered the most valuable member of the mineral species corundum (aluminum oxide) for thousands of years. All other colors of corundum are, by definition, called "sapphire." A bright "fire engine red" color, designated by the term "Burmese" (since the color is more prevalent there, and was first found in that area) is considered the world's finest.

Ruby was said to be the most precious of the twelve stones God created when he created all things and this "lord of gems" was placed on Aaron's neck by God's command. In the Indian Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or "king of precious stones" and ratnanayaka, "most precious of stones."

The ruby mines of Myanmar (formerly Burma) are older than history: stone age and bronze age mining tools have been found in the mining area of Mogok. Rubies from the legendary mines in Mogok often have a pure red color, which is described as "pigeon's blood," although that term is more a romantic description than actual trade reference.

Rubies are often heat treated at the mine to enhance their appearance. Heating the stone improves clarity and minimizes brown and purple tones. With a hardness of 9, ruby is considered to be one of the most durable of gemstones other than diamond.

Since demand for fine rubies is really only limited by the tiny supply available, new finds are always exciting news. The most recent news is an exciting new mining area in Myanmar called Mong Hsu. This deposit is producing large quantities of commercial quality "Burma" ruby and also significant quantities of fine quality "Burma" ruby, particularly in sizes up to a carat.

The new deposit has also affected the world capital of the ruby business: Thailand. Many of the ruby traders and cutters from Chanthaburi and Bo Rai (in Thailand) have moved to Mae Sai in Thailand. In Tachilek in Myanmar, across the border from Mae Sai, a flourishing trade in Mong Hsu ruby has transformed a village into a prosperous town. Most Mong Hsu ruby is cut and marketed in Thailand.

Highlights of the Site
New Arrivals section has all the latest goodies.
New Textiles from India.
Rainbow Calcite: A rainbow full of color!
Resin Jewelry: Trendy bright colors for summer.
Lots of new CLOSEOUTS!!!!
Masterpiece Collection: Classic art in sterling silver.
Coming Soon: New textiles (curtains, duvet covers, and more).

Be sure to stock up during our 20% off sale!


Mike McGinnis
Whirled Planet


New Items:

Rainbow Calcite Curlicue Earrings
New stone from Chihuahua, Mexico. These are sweet earrings for just $6.50/pair.
Resin Heart Pendant
One of three shapes in this new collection. Matching earrings also available. Just $3.00

Raphael's Angels
Part of the masterpiece collection, these come as a set or separately. Silver with resin coated image. Earrings: $8.25, Pendant: $7.50

July Special:
Spend $200 and get 20% off!

More New Items

"Dupioni" Curtains
Dramatic curtains come in either Burgundy or Sage Green. Has the look of raw silk, but is actually durable polyester. $20.50
"Dupioni" Cushion
Rich looking polyester cushions come in Burgundy or Sage Green. They have a beaded detail and are filled with lightweight synthetic fill. $11.50

Silk Sari Shawl
Beautiful tapestry style wrap in assorted colors: $7.50.

Our Promise:
You may return any item for any reason. We have a no-questions-asked policy. If you get something you don't like, for any reason, just send it back!

About Us:
All our silver jewelry is guaranteed sterling (at least 92.5% silver), and whenever possible each piece is stamped to indicate this. All our stones are genuine.

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