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March Special: $7 off orders over $150  

Thailand, India and Tucson, oh my...
Spring is almost here, and it's time to start thinking about warm weather
. Of course here in Hawaii it's always warm, but if you are somewhere that specializes in winter, take heart: the end is in sight!

I've just returned from another trip to India and Thailand. It was very productive and in about two months we'll be getting some great new housewares. If you would like to see a sneak preview of some of the items I've got coming in, check out our weblog (blog).

Our Tucson Blowout continues. If you think you've seen all we have to offer, think again. I just added about 50 new designs. This batch was mostly bracelets and necklaces, but there are also lots of choices in amber, rings, earrings and pendants. The prices are great but the quantity is limited to stock on hand. I will be adding more of everything over the next week or so.

Also, we've just gotten a large shipment of purses in. There are some really fun colors and designs to choose from. I'll be adding some new shell jewelry made with Tiger Cowry shells that is too cool, as well as some art print pendants and earrings with Matisse, Monet and other great masters' works set in silver behind clear resin. Coming in the next week also will be some new lanterns and star lamps with embroidered paper.

We have suffered through yet another recent upgrade of our site by our web hosting company. Your bookmark may not work, so please click here or type in http://indiasilver.com/index.asp to access the site.

My new vow is to keep things fresh and new, with a big influx of new designs about every three months...

Article: March Birthstones-- Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper
Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

This stone's name derived from the Latin aquamarina, meaning "sea water." In the middle ages Aquamarine was thought to provide insight as well as helping one to predict the future. It was believed that when an aquamarine was placed in the mouth it would allow one to call forth spirits to answer questions about life. When consecrated, this stone was believed to help the wearer overcome wickedness. Water that an aquamarine has soaked in was used to cure eye ailments, respiratory diseased and the hiccups. Powerful stuff!

Aquamarine is typically greenish blue to blue, and is of the mineral species beryl (which also includes green emerald and a pink variety named morganite). It is usually light in color, but it is often heated to reduce the greenish cast and make the blue shade more pronounced.

As an importer of jewelry from India, aquamarine is hard to come by. Over the years I have tried unsuccessfully to get good quality aquamarine. Most of the time the suppliers either cannot provide it or send blue topaz in its place!

Luckily, this month's alternate birthstone is jasper. You can find lots of jasper in our pendants by the gram and our rings by the gram (both of which are still just 40¢ per gram during our Tucson Blowout sale). When ordering, just put a note in the customer comments box at the end of the ordering process for your special request for jasper or any other stone for that matter.

Highlights of the Site
Tucson Blowout continues: high quality, unique silver designs at great prices.
New Handbags: Vietnamese and Indian in origin, but contemporary and hip!
Coming Soon: New lanterns, textiles (curtains, duvet covers, and more).

Article: Brighten Up!
The forecast continues to be bright colors for accessories. We're talking bright pink, blue, orange and lime green. Accessories Magazine recently featured an article where they called hot pink "the new black." Sounds cheesy, when they put it that way, but those words have stuck with me as I have focused on ordering for spring and summer.

Look for lots of color even into fall. High-end designers like Christian LaCroix, Lanvin and Nina Ricci to name a few, are carrying brights forward during a season normally dominated by burnt orange and somber gray. If it's on the runway now for fall and winter, better count on these fun color pops for a while!

As always, I wish you a happy, healthy and successful month. Let me know if you have questions or comments.


Mike McGinnis
Whirled Planet


Tucson Blowout

Oval Cab Necklace with Bezel
Toggle closure with two rings for adjustment, length is 6.5" to 7.5". Just $8.50
Mini Ovals Bracelet
Lobster claw closure with mini rings for adjustment, length is 6" to 8". Just $4.50

Two Stone Faceted Ring
Teardrop and round faceted stones. A great deal at $4.00...

March Special:
Spend $150 and get $7 off toward shipping!

New Textiles

Flower Border Bag
10"x13", comes in cool blue w/gold or orange w/light orange contrast. Satin lined, great price: $7.00...

Velvet Spiral Cushion Cover
16" by 16", these rich velvet cushion covers come in assorted colors. Asstd colors. $9.50...

Butterfly Purse
Boiled wool is soft and has a hip look. Made in Nepal, this bag measures about 12" by 12". In rich purple or rusty orange: $9.50

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All our silver jewelry is guaranteed sterling (at least 92.5% silver), and whenever possible each piece is stamped to indicate this. All our stones are genuine.

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