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January 2004, Inaugural Blog  

January 27

We are entering the last few days of our 20% off sale. This event, which runs January and July, is our best sale of the year.

This week we will be getting 4 new designs of silk purses from Vietnam in. The fabric is gorgeous and each style comes in 4 colors that will be perfect for Spring. There are three designs of handbag, and the fourth design is a medium sized pocket book that my wife says is good for "monthly supplies," whatever that means... The other designs of these Vietnamese purses we already stock are doing really well. Vietnam seems to be emerging as a new source of quality textile products at a good price.

Our monthly newsletter went out yesterday. Click here to see it if you haven't already received it. There are articles on Amethyst and on the origins and promotion of Valentine's Day.

I am leaving on Wednesday morning for Tucson. The Tucson Gem and Jewelry show will go from January 31 to February 13. This is our first time exhibiting there, and we have made a huge investment in hundreds of different styles of silver jewelry. Others may have more quantity than Whirled Planet, but probably none will have more variety...

At the end of February I will be traveling to Thailand and India for about 10 days to meet with suppliers. If you have any suggestions or tips for items you'd like to see us carry, please let me know.

January 22

Silver prices have been rising for several months now. They follow gold prices, to a certain extent. Gold is at a 10 year high so silver was bound to move upward with it. Prices have increased about 25% over the past 4 months. Although this hasn't really worked its way into our pricing yet, it will shortly.

Everybody hates to raise prices and silver has been so stable for so long that we've gotten used to certain benchmark prices for certain items. We're going to try to limit the upward movement of our pricing, but it will happen shortly. This will be an industry trend, so don't be surprised when it happens....

Right now our focus is on Tucson. We will be exhibiting at the Gem Mall, near the Holiday Inn. If you are not familiar with this show, the entire town of Tucson turns into one big exhibition.

Vendors come from all over the world to show their wares. There is something for everyone, be they rockhounds, fine jewelers, vintage jewelry retailers, bead shops, or jewelry stores. While the show is mainly geared for resellers, some of the shows do allow consumers to come in and buy. Most vendors have some sort of minimum dollar purchase, but the prices, quality and variety found in Tucson in the first half of February cannot be beaten anywhere in the world.

Nearly every public venue, hotel and motel has some version of a show. If you would like to find out more about this event, visit the Tucson Show Guide. If you are interested in attending some of these shows, finding lists of exhibitors or just want to see all that Tucson has to offer at this annual event, check out the site.

We are partnering with one of our suppliers to bring in merchandise specially for this show. We will be displaying over 200 kg. (more than 440 lbs.!) of silver set with semi-precious stones. We'll have it all: Faceted and cabochon rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, wire bezel set jewelry, multi stone pieces, one of a kind show pieces, druzy, amber, carved jade and more. This will be unlike anything we have done before, so don't miss seeing us if you come to Tucson.

Can't make it this year? Take heart, as we will be selling the balance of our goods on our site in late February. There will be great deals to be had: unique styles and great prices. Keep an eye out for good things to come!

January 20

This is the inaugural issue of our blog, or weblog. You have probably heard about them in the news or on the net, but may not have read one before. We intend to update this blog twice weekly with jewelry and fashion industry updates, news, comments and our goings on within our company. To start off, we've provided a short list of useful sites to help you increase your knowledge and have a little fun.

Where to find information about jewelry related items:

All About Jewels
Great site with an "illustrated glossary" of jewelry. Highly recommended whether you are looking for info on gemstones for your business or just for fun.

Lots of great resources on the trade and suppliers.

Jewelry Information Center
Has information mainly about fine jewelry and diamonds.

Retail shopping mall with lots of info links.

Jewelers of America
Nice site with consumer level info about all aspects of gems, jewelry, purchasing and care.

Gemological Institute of America
The authority on stones, grading and certification. Serious site...


Our Upcoming Shows:
Tucson Jewelry & Gem Show,
Gem Mall Booth #301
Jan. 31 - Feb. 13, 2004.

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